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Rockopolis RPG

Face rival bands instead of goblins. Your instruments will be your weapons. Your spells? Your ROCK songs!

There's a staircase facing the party. A few steps ahead, a mighty roar that would frighten even the bravest.
Is it dread what you feel? No, it's adrenaline. You're ready to take on whatever awaits you.
You climb the stairs and you're on stage. Your instruments are ready, the crowd is growling.

What do you do?

Every artist has their inspiring Muse.

But what if the Muse acted like a Demon, forcing you towards an abyss of behaviors that go far over the "antisocial" definition?
Your Muse will be the surge of your music, your inspiration, your art, your ROCK!
But will be the origin of each of your trouble, too.

Rockopolis RPG is set in the real world, in the socio-cultural underground of emerging Rock bands.
During the ascent to fame, characters will meet some of the most (in)famous bands of the Rock underground (and they will probably clash!).
Will they succeed in achieving international fame or will they fall into the Abyss of anonymity?

Rockopolis RPG uses our own rules system, specifically created to grant players the experience of playing live on stage and managin the "inspiring Muse", perfectly blending with the Rock spirit of the setting.
In Rockopolis RPG, the purpose will be to balance the inner demons called Muse with the goal of becoming the greatest Legends of the Stage.

Rockopolis has a unique Character's Sheet editor you can use to customize your character sheet.
More than 200 possible combinations! Isn't it awesome?
Check it out here!

PDF Version - $13 9.5
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PDF Version - $5
Buy it on DriveThruRPG.com!

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